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About Fox Cigar Cutters

Our History

Fox cigar cutters have a rich and unique history that spans across the ages, capturing the essence of craftsmanship and sophistication in the world of cigar accessories. Originating from a time when cigar smoking was not just a pastime but a cultural ritual, Fox cigar cutters have stood the test of time, evolving alongside the changing trends and preferences of aficionados. With roots tracing back to the early 20th century, these cutters have witnessed the rise and fall of various cigar fashions, adapting to each era’s demands while maintaining their commitment to precision and quality. From the smoky lounges of the Jazz Age to the sleek and modern cigar bars of today, Fox cigar cutters have carved out a niche as both functional tools and exquisite works of art. With a reputation for durability and a keen understanding of the nuances of cigar cutting, these timeless accessories continue to enhance the ritualistic pleasure of enjoying a fine cigar, weaving their story into the fabric of cigar culture across generations.

Furthermore, the legacy of Fox cigar cutters extends beyond the realm of cigars, as they are part of a distinguished family that includes Due Cigni Cutlery and Fox Knives. The synergy between these entities exemplifies a commitment to precision craftsmanship and attention to detail that transcends boundaries. The marriage of Fox cigar cutters, known for their finesse in the world of tobacco, with Due Cigni Cutlery, renowned for their exceptional kitchen and table knives, forms a formidable alliance rooted in a shared dedication to quality. Meanwhile, Fox Knives, with its reputation for producing high-performance outdoor and tactical knives, complements the brand portfolio, creating a diverse yet harmonious collection under the Fox umbrella. This collaborative approach allows enthusiasts to experience the epitome of cutting-edge craftsmanship across various domains, reinforcing the Fox brand’s standing as a paragon of excellence in the world of blades and cutlery. Together, these entities weave a tapestry of expertise and tradition, elevating the art of cutting across different facets of life.